Adriatic Open
Where knowledge meets emotion
Who Are We?
Adriatic Open is a private international school in Bar, Montenegro, offering programs in English and Russian, which opened in 2022. Our school accommodates students from kindergarten through 12th grade. We implement both national and international educational programs. The school functions as an educational center, offering a variety of extracurricular classes, meetings with interesting individuals, and other events for people of all ages.
Our school is a place where students discover and understand their strengths and weaknesses, develop their talents, learn to think critically, understand others, make decisions, and take responsibility for them. We create a school environment that students don't want to leave—a place where both children and parents feel comfortable.
We teach the joy of learning and personal growth, where the focus is on the goals achieved by the student, not just the grades.
Bar is a multicultural city in Montenegro, located at the crossroads of cultures and languages, featuring a cozy seaport and an old town hidden in olive groves. Here, an Orthodox church, a Catholic church, and a mosque coexist.
According to the latest 2023 census, about 47,000 people live in the Bar municipality. Bar has 7 public schools, 3 Russian-language schools, 6 specialized secondary schools, several faculties, and many municipal and private preschool institutions.
The city boasts large stadiums, wide sidewalks, a long straight promenade, and Mount Rumija, which fulfills wishes for everyone who climbs it on New Year's Eve (a tradition at our school).

Bar is an active and growing city, developing alongside Montenegro as it aspires to join the European Union. The city’s cosmopolitan nature, spaciousness, and constant choices make it unique, with minimal seasonal variation typical of coastal areas.
Where Are We?
Our Mission
Our mission is to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and development, fostering compassionate, responsible, critically thinking, and motivated individuals.
Our priority is a caring and comfortable environment based on respect for everyone.
We aim to provide quality education and help students achieve their own educational goals.
Our Team
The Adriatic Open team consists of teachers, mentors, and tutors with experience from top schools, lyceums, and universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities and countries. Our teachers, who are passionate about their subjects and professions, bring the spirit of exploration into the learning process, making education an exciting journey of discovery. They are experts not only for students and parents but also for colleagues training at our Educational and Methodological Center.
How We Teach
We design our teaching methodologies, approaches, tools, organizational structure, and educational materials to seamlessly blend high academic results with modern standards and requirements, interdisciplinary approaches, our values, and our attitude toward children.

Core Subjects
Every day, students study mathematics (algebra, geometry, or mathematical logic) and English—the two priority subjects at our school. We incorporate these subjects into the daily schedule and employ leveled learning, where students are divided into small groups based on their level and taught by multiple teachers. Typically, there are three English groups and two or three math groups, allowing us to achieve excellent academic results even for students with lower initial preparation.

Our students also excel in other subjects. We have a strong natural science department (biology, physics, chemistry) and a history and social science department (ancient history in primary school, world history, geography, social studies, economics, and psychology).

The literature department offers a unique reading program, organizing word and poetry festivals, readings, literary clubs, and more, immersing students in the world of books and fostering a love for literature. For 8th and 9th graders, we offer electives in "World Literature" in English and TOK (Theory of Knowledge).
One of our core educational philosophies is fostering civic, international thinking, and multilingualism. In speech development classes, students can study Russian or choose to study Ukrainian. The foreign language department offers six additional languages—German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, and Chinese—one of which can be chosen in the 5th grade and studied until graduation as a second foreign language:
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Italian
- Czech
- Chinese
For our students, English, Montenegrin, and their native languages are mandatory from the 1st grade. By choosing another additional language in the 5th grade and completing the full cycle of our middle school program (grades 0-9), students successfully master four languages.
Our students participate in olympiads and international exams, learn with curiosity, and independently formulate their inquiries. They love reading, asking questions, and engaging in creative activities in art and media, art history, and extracurricular life.
At our school, all classes, starting from Preschool, include the fine arts. Music lessons, art history, visual arts, modern media, and IT creativity are particularly loved by the students.

Our school features a professional music school, as well as a theater club and a vocal studio.
The school we have created is suitable for those who want to learn to love learning, have a wide range of interests, and desire the ability to choose their educational trajectory. We strive to ensure our students achieve specific academic goals while maintaining a humanistic focus on self-determination, personal development, attention to each student, and their individual progress.
The after-school enrichment classes offer sports, creative activities, and much more for the comprehensive and well-rounded development of the child.
Our school occupies a large building in the most convenient and greenest part of the city. When we say "modern school," we envision a modern space—unconventional layout solutions, colorful drawings or poems on the walls, unique features like a two-story bed and swings in the library, areas for open performances or debates, comfortable relaxation zones, full-wall surfaces for drawing, and much more. Modern research proves that the environment around us affects our well-being, sense of security, emotions, attention, and consequently, cognitive abilities. We continuously explore and improve the organization of life inside and around the school, studying the city's opportunities.
We create a comfortable environment not only for students but also for parents. We have built the best coworking space in Montenegro with an inspiring view of the mountains and sea. In the multifunctional halls of the coworking space, you can work in silence, hold group meetings and classes, and use the space for performances, theater productions, and more in the evenings and on weekends. In another large and bright hall of the school, we host classical music concerts and art exhibitions.
Our Space